At SOLID-CHEM GmbH, we offer individual solutions and support our customers to answer complex solid-state questions.
Our services focus on the following areas:

  • modern laboratory equipment for crystallization, polymorph, salt and co-crystal or amorphous phase screenings

  •  method development and analytical competence regarding particle identification and characterization

  • competent counseling and strategy development for patent affairs

Additionally, we offer a broad spectrum of investigative methods for cross-linked solid-state analyses based on in-house and external procedures.


In-house instrumentation and procedures

Modern X-ray powder diffractometer (Cu-radiation) for reflection geometry (Bragg-Brentano, multi-sample changer) and transmission geometry (Laue, capillary and foil)

  • DSC and temperature-modulated DSC with cooling device down to –80 °C

  • TGA with automatic sample changer

  • Thermomicroscope with Kofler and Linkam heating and cooling device

  • Kofler heating bench (e.g., melt film preparation)

  • Karl-Fischer water determination
    (heated sample preparation via Karl-Fischer oven method)

  • Optical microscopy, polarization microscopy
    (e.g., for determination of crystal habitués and size)

  • Particle size determination
    (liquid and air dispersion)

  • FT-IR with transmission, ATR and diffuse reflectance sampling technique

  • FT-NIR with transmission and diffuse reflectance sampling technique

  • Raman station
    (especially for sampling tablets, creams, ointments and for measuring small samples in capillaries. Also used with “well plates ” for “high-throughput screening”)

  • controlled humidity and temperature in chambers
    (electronic logging)

  • LOD determination

  • Impedance spectroscopy
    (to test the stability of emulsions, suspensions and “nano-solutions”)
    (e.g. calculation, of lattice energies)

  • Quantifications: chemometry and Rietveld

  • Glove box for work in a defined atmosphere and with flushing stream

External Methods

In addition to the above equipment, which allows fast and comprehensive analyses, we have direct access to other methods through collaborations with top experts in our vicinity working under absolute confidentiality.

  • Single crystal X-Ray diffraction
  • Powder X-Ray diffraction (under GLP and GMP)
  • Scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy SEM, TEM connected with electron and wave dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, EDX, WDX
  • FTNIR, FTIR (Rheooptics), Raman (Mikrospectroscopy), Terahertz spectroscopy
  • NMR Spectroscopy
    1H, 13C, 31P, (DEPT)-NMR,
    13C, 1H, 27Al, 29Si-CP/MAS NMR
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
  • High performance liquid chromatography, HPLC
  • Element analyses (CHNO, metals etc.)
  • X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, XRF
  • Dynamic water sorption, DVS
  • Thermochemical methods: TGA-FTIR, TGA-MS
  • X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, XPS
  • Time of flight Secondary-ion mass spectrometry, Tof-SIMS
  • and more


Please note that the overhead costs for GLP or GMP certification are significant and not every customer is interested in it. We decided to abstain from this, in order to offer reasonable prices. Otherwise all customers must pay the overhead, also for those who are not interested in the certification. If it becomes important later, we suggest repeating only those parts that are relevant at other accredited laboratories, which will be still much more economical.
Independently, we perform at an equally high standard of which you can convince yourself during a visit at our company.

Volume discount schedule

6 – 10 Samples



11 – 20 Samples



21 – 40 Samples



More Than 40 Samples



Volume discounts are based on the number samples sent in for the same analytical method to use, not just total number of samples.
The quantity discounts refer exclusively to the analytical measurements and cannot be combined with other special conditions (framework agreements, B2B internet platforms).
The discounts offered are valid until the end of 2023. Further changes reserved.