We support our customers with expert opinions based on experimental, scientific, carefully retrieved data and based on precisely documented experiments. These documents can be used at lawsuits. Therefore, scientific integrity has absolute priority.

Prof. Boese is experienced as an expert witness up to the Federal High Court of Justice in Germany where he enjoys to explain complicated details in a clear language which can help the judges to better understand the scientific background of the matter in question. Prof. Boese is in the group of 280 most cited chemists worldwide (‘ISI highly cited’) amongst which only 30 come from Germany. He has more than 700 publications in reviewed scientific journals, review articles and books. Due to his lectures, scientific research and instrumental development he is internationally very well known in the field of structural analysis, solid-state chemistry of organic and inorganic compounds. His research area lies in the relationship of structure and physical properties using networked analytical methods.

When investigating the solid-state chemistry of products and the modifications thereof we offer a consulting, scientific support for encompassing in intellectual property rights. We are experienced within solid-state chemistry; however, we are not restricted to this and are always open for discussions when dealing semisolid formulations, emulsions and suspensions in creams, lotions and ointments.