Phase Diagram of the Rhenium-Rhodium System: State of the Art

Kirill V. Yusenko
solid-chem GmbH, Universitätsstr. 136,
D-44799 Bochum, Germany

Platinum Metals Rev



The available experimental data for metallic solid solutions in the rhenium-rhodium binary metallic system are incomplete. This paper reviews recent data on the Re-Rh system which enables the solidus parts of the equilibrium phase diagram to be constructed. Experimental data for solid solutions prepared by different techniques and theoretical modelling show that the single phase regions are wider than previously reported. The maximum solid phase solubility of Re in Rh is 15 at%, and that of Rh in Re is 75 at%. In this paper, a phase diagram for the Re-Rh system which serves as a reliable model for the representation of the available experimental data is proposed.

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