Own instrumentation and procedures:

Modern powder diffractometer for Bragg-Brentano (multi-sample changer) and transmission geometry (capillary and foil)

•  FT-IR with transmission, ATR and diffuse reflectance sampling technique
•  FT-NIR with transmission and diffuse reflectance sampling technique
•  Raman station (especially for sampling tablets, crèmes, ointments and for measuring
   small samples in capillaries as well as for ‚well plates‘ – for ‚high throughput screening‘)
•  DSC with cooling device down to -80 °C
•  TGA with automatic sample changer
•  Glove box for work in defined atmosphere and flushing stream
•  Karl-Fischer water determination (heated sample preparation by means of Karl-Fischer oven method)
•  Optical microscopy, polarization microscopy (e.g. for determination of crystal habitués and –size) 
•  Thermo microscope with Kofler and Linkam heating-and cooling device
•  Kofler heating bench (e.g. melt film preparation)
•  Particle size determination  (liquid and air dispersion)
•  Impedance spectroscopy (testing stability of emulsions, suspensions and "nano-solutions")
•  Solubility kinetics (Detection by conductivity or UV Spectroscopy)
•  controlled humidity and temperature in chambers (electronic logging)
•  Molecular modeling of the solid state (e.g. calculation of lattice energies)
•  Modern laboratory equipment for crystallization, polymorph- and salt screening for
   ‚rational design‘ as well as ‚high throughput‘ 

• Single crystal X-Ray diffraction
• Powder X-Ray diffraction
  (under GLP and GMP)
• In situ crystal growths of liquids
• Terahertz spectroscopy
• NMR Spectroscopy
• SS-CPMAS (solid state) NMR
• Gas chromatography-
  Mass spectrometry
• Element analyses
  (CHNO, metals etc.)
• Dynamic water sorption
• Thermo gravimetric and thermo
  gravimetric –infrared-coupling
• and many more